It's no secret that when you see an image it elicits an immediate response from you. 


You can "FEEL" the energy of the image!


"A picture is worth a thousand words" 

-Frederick Bernard 



Peace? Calm? Serenity?

See & Feel the Energy



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Why I Created the

Inner Guidance Portrait

While I was writing my book; "The Entrepreneur's Guardian Angels", I wanted to know what my Inner Guidance Force looked like. I wanted to see the colors. I wanted to see the design. I had always felt the energy but wanted to see it in front me. After I had put in down on canvas, the portrait spoke to me. I could feel its power and now I can plug into the Entrepreneur Force Energy quicker. Just like a GPS system. I can sit in front and get connected quicker and I know what direction my day will take me.


Learn How to Make Better Business Decisions


Just like you, I truly wanted success and more profits in my business. But, honestly, it was a struggle until I finally implemented this #1 THING. It’s THE most important thing you should consider before you are looking to expand, grow, or make multi-millions or billions


Let Me Tell You How I Use The

Inner Guidance

Energy Portraits

I want the most efficient and productive day because my life cant afford any road blocks.  We all have to juggle career, family, and a social life.  And to be more efficient and successful with inner guidance gives me the script to the movie of life. 





This is life changing: Check out the benefits.

  • Instantly connect to your inner wisdom
  • Immediately Grounds you into the present moment
  • Clear energy road blocks
  • Align with your true purpose
  • Gain access to knowledge & wisdom

Deep wisdom is the most sought after commodity when you are making decisions for your business and life.


But where do you go to find it?

Where is it located?

What does it look like?

Do you know that you have a unique Energy Signature that is known as your Inner Guidance.


In my book I call it The Entrepreneur Force. I have been guided by my Guardian Angels to paint that energy through their eyes directly onto the canvas. 

Why is that important?

Everyone who is looking to expand, grow, make multi-millions or billions, or just reach their business goals needs to be able to locate that Deep Wisdom. That time/space/dimension within themselves that holds the answers. 

Currently, Entrepreneur's are forced to go by trial and error and experience going through countless disappointment. 

Ultimately, Entrepreneur's really want to their business is thriving with the least amount of struggle. 

Right this minute, Entrepreneurs would be ecstatic if He/She could increase revenue, expand, scale up the easiest route possible for their own unique circumstances. 

No Two Business Are Created Equal. 

No Two People Are Created Equal.

There is no one size fits all success journey for Entrepreneurs.

Get Your Deep Connection to your Inner Guidance. Know what that looks like and "FEELS" like.

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Your journey is unique to you. Your Inner Guidance knows exactly what you need in this moment to move your business & life forward. 


They also understand your weakness and strengths!

Minimize Your Frustrations


Unfortunately, most Entrepreneurs are forced to mimic other's strategies and hope it works for them. 


Entrepreneurs are also really frustrated by the fact of not knowing what direction will yield the most positive results and feeling stuck.

Plus, He/She still needs the answers to this question before He/She can move forward: "What do I need to do to drive my business FORWARD today?"

Every Entrepreneur is also still hung up on the idea that they can't find the solutions that will work for them.

In fact, when it comes to struggling businesses, I am convinced that Subconscious beliefs such as Self-Sabotage, Limiting Beliefs, Unworthiness play a major role in Struggling BUSINESSES. 


When all is said and done, Entrepreneurs just want to reach and surpass all the goals they have for their business and for themselves.


To help you, I would invite you to check out my Energy Force Portrait below. It's no secret that when you see an image it elicits an immediate response from you.  You can "FEEL" the energy of the image!

Right now, You can think of an image of a beautiful beach with Crystal blue water and white sands. Instantly your shoulders relax and peace waves over your forehead. We all have busy lives and it's easy to feel disconnected to our inner wisdom. With your own portrait you can find the image that brings you back to center and connects you to your inner wisdom/knowledge. 

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For me I keep a picture of it on my phone. That way I can see they image where ever I go. 

This portrait hangs near my work station, so i can feel the energy of it.

See the energy of it.

Draw from the energy of it. 

Its like the sun beaming its rays directly at me reminding me.... My inner wisdom is right here and readily available. 

I know it sounds crazy (here is me being vulnerable 😉) but I can hear the portrait speak to me! 

It is guiding me constantly and know I know exactly what it looks like and where to go when I feel disconnected to my inner wisdom. 


Just as easily as your state can change with an image of the beach, your energy can shift with your unique to you energy portrait.

You can start to feel and see results immediately!

This Unique custom Portrait makes it easy to connect to your inner wisdom therefore making clear decisions, gain wisdom and knowledge. , thrive in your business., and attain the goals you have always dreamed of for your business..


If you would like to put in an application for your portrait click the link.

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I'm Dr. Christina Coté

My journey into the spiritual world started the night of my grandmother’s funeral. 

 I was twelve years old, and my world was crushed. Before you get all sad and weepy-eyed, let me just say, that was the night I started a beautiful relationship with her that made me who I am today! So on the night of her funeral, I fell asleep on my soggy pillow. In my dream, she appeared to me. I told her all about the funeral. I explained who was there and how we dressed her in her favorite color: red. I told her that my mom took a hairbrush and redid her hair because the mortician lady did her hair terribly. She let me rabble on and on, then she finally stopped me and blurred out in her regular snarky tone, “Yeah, Mija, I know I was there!” For those of you who don’t know Mexican culture, Mija is an endearing term for a daughter, granddaughter, or young girl. I remember I had so many questions for my grandmother about the afterlife and each night she would come to my dreams to answer them. She showed me things that would happen in my future that came to pass.

She also told me things about my mother’s childhood, which was later confirmed with my mother. I quickly learned how to utilize my grandmother’s intel to make decisions for my future. Whenever I was at a major crossroads in my life, I would ask her to come to my dreams and help. She became one of my Guardian Angels.

After some time, I really didn’t need to be in a dream state to sense her presence or hear her advice. This eventually led to me hearing and sensing other people’s Guardian Angels as well. Needless to say, I became a life learner with all things spiritual.

I studied life after death, various religions, astrology, meditation, tarot cards, feng shui, reiki, energy, and much more.

I received my doctorate degree in chiropractic, which helped me to understand the powerful connection between the mind, body, and soul. I have been serving for over two decades.

My husband and I had an office in Beverly Hills for over ten years which was such a joy.

I have had the privilege to do thousands upon thousands of readings for top-level executives, CEOs, celebrities, musicians, moms and dads.

It is truly an honor to help people on their journeys.