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Work Directly With The 

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For 20 years I have been providing invaluable assistance to businesses ranging from CEO's, entrepreneurs, and celebrities & musicians on major million & billion $$$ decisions 

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Are You Willing to Get in the Flow, So You Can

Get Everything You've Ever Wanted Out of Your Business?

I hope the answer is yes. 

Because after spending over thirty-plus years communicating with guardian angels & spirit and guiding thousands of people to successful outcomes…

I can tell you that syncing up with your Guardian Angels -- not hustle- - is the true path to next-level success.

 But none of us are taught that.

 In fact, most of us are conditioned to believe we are not worthy of angelic or supernatural help.

 We think things like, “Shouldn’t I be struggling?” Or “Things just don’t always work in my favor?”

But the reality is, YOU have your own Guardian Angels that are DIRECTLY assigned to you and only YOU! 

 It’s True…

And you need to be syncing up and connecting with your valuable assets!

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When your inner compass is working, your business looks like...


➡️ You stop racking your brain and wondering what strategy is going to work for you.

➡️ You stop all the busy work that is not moving the needle in your growth.

➡️ You stop loosing sleep at night wondering how thing will turn out - especially in this economy. 

➡️ You stop feeling alone and increase the feeling of being guided and led. 

It also looks like having an abundance mindset, and getting into the energy of the results you want to receive, which is why I’m sharing my methodology with you so you too can CONNECT and get supported by the universe.

In fact, I want nothing more than for YOU to use this system, too… because I know it really works. 

What's Included

In The Coaching Program...


Main Offer

My Business Intuition 

12 Month Coaching Program

➡️ Clear Energy Road Block

➡️ Open energetic paths to receive passive income

➡️ Clear any negative Karma stopping the flow of money to your business

➡️ With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart money practices, you could start living the life of your dreams.

➡️ Best ways to motivate employees to increase Return on Investment (ROI)

➡️ Align with Your True Purpose

Included Free E-Book ($19 value)


Claim Your Most Powerful, Happiest, Wealthiest Self Using The Method Taught by "Most Respected" Business Intuitive. 
Discover how a few strategies can shift you and create massive transformations in your business, finances, health, and health… and it’s all backed by science.


Included Free Audio-Book ($47 value)


Use the downloadable version of the book on any and all of your digital devices.  Listen on your commute, take along your walk in the park, or while cooking dinner. 


Disclaimer: download available for 30 days from initial purchase. Please save to your devices

Included Free Online Course ($899 value)


Take Your business to the next level


Let the "Most Respected Intuitive" teach you the Techniques, Tools, and Strategies you need to 
SKYROCKET Your Success  in 2023
Included Free Daily Journal ($27 value)

Use this Daily Journal to navigate your day and create a better tomorrow

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This Woman is Quickly Becoming One Of The Most Respected Figures In The Business World Today

Dr. Christina Coté is an acclaimed business intuitive who has been providing invaluable assistance to individuals ranging from celebrities and musicians to multi-billion dollar companies and small mom-and-pop shops for many years.Drawing on her unique ability to access the “intel” from the “Guardian Angels”, she has helped her clients make crucial career decisions such as increasing sales, mergers, selling, buying, signing movie deals etc. Her success in the field led to her book The Entrepreneur’s Guardian Angels becoming an AmazonTM bestseller in three categories. 

As most of us have experienced at one point or another in our lives, there is something instinctive that warns us when something isn't quite right. This sixth sense - referred to as such by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think and Grow Rich” - is something that Dr. Coté has been able to tap into since she was a young girl and has perfected over the course of three decades through a combination of studies and trial and error.

However, it isn't necessary for someone to spend years honing this skill; instead what they need is the right GPS system that will lead them towards successful outcomes. Dr. Coté's mission is to help entrepreneurs access their own inner wisdom and knowledge so they can make powerful decisions with confidence.

Thanks to her numerous accomplishments within the business world, she has quickly become a respected figure whose advice is trusted by thousands around the globe every day. She works tirelessly with each individual client so they too can benefit from having access to their own inner wisdom in making important decisions affecting their future endeavors or projects.

She believes strongly that having an understanding of what lies beneath our conscious mind can provide incredible insight into which paths may be most beneficial for our overall well-being.

In addition, Dr Coté also offers seminars where people interested in learning about her methods can gain valuable insights into how intuition works and how it can be used for personal growth and success in business ventures.
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